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5th Singapore International Photography Festival

Open Call Showcase - 40 photographers from 18 countries

Wolfgang Zurborn Catch
October 1st-31st, 2016
Rochor MRT Station (Downtown Line)

Wolfgang Zurborn, from the series "Catch", untitled, Hannover 2000

Jury Panel:

Ingo Taubhorn (Germany),
Seok Jae Hyun (South Korea),
Kazuko Sekiji (Japan)

Selected Artists

Mariela Sancari | Argentina
Klaus Pichler | Austria
David Verberckt | Belgium
Alice Smeets | Belgium
Scott A. Woodward | Canada
Zhao Qian | China
Wang Ju Yan | China
Gao Rong Guo | China
Guillaume Hebert | France
Kirstin Schmitt | Germany
Wolfgang Zurborn | Germany
Sarah Walzer | Germany
Ute Behrend | Germany
Boris Eldagsen | Germany
Heiko Tiemann | Germany
Wolfgang Bellwinkel | Germany
Alfredo Macchi | Italy
Gabriele Stabile | Italy
Maki Hayashida | Japan
Uma Kinoshita | Japan
Eiji Ohashi | Japan
Tomasz Lazar | Poland
Donna Chiu | Singapore
Ung Rueyloon | Singapore
Koh Yeechao | Singapore
Marvin Tang | Singapore
Lee Won-Woong M.D. | South Korea
Park Chanho | South Korea
Seo Junyoung | South Korea
Chen Shu-Chen | Taiwan
Juria Toramae | Thailand/Singapore
Phisut Nuthong | Thailand
Akka Naktamna | Thailand
Lizette Schaap | The Netherlands
Ellie Davis | United Kingdom
Mandy Barker | United Kingdom
Nigel Bennet | United Kingdom/Canada
Nicolas Enriquez | United States
Haley Morris-Cafiero | United States
Duy Phuong Le Nguyen | Vietnam

Wolfgang Zurborn, from the series "Catch", untitled., Cologne 2005

Festival duration: August 19th – November 13th, 2016
Official opening: October 6th
Closing party: November 12th-13th

Singapore International Photography (SIPF), the first event of its kind in Southeast Asia – its first edition held in October 2008, is a non-profit biennial festival that strives to provide a platform for Southeast Asian artists to showcase their works alongside their international peers at various venues across Singapore.
The three main festival components are the Exhibitions, Professional Workshops and Outreach Programmes. Alongside, SIPF fringe activities are carried out at various arts galleries, arts spaces and education institutions to promote photography across Singapore.

Festival Bureau:

Festival Village @ DECK
120A Prinsep Street
Singapore 187937










You will find a detailed description of Wolfgang Zurborn's photographic
work under "Portfolio".

Biographical information, publications and exhibitions can be found under "Info".



Galerie Lichtblick

Deutsche Fotografische



The Flow of Pictures

The Rhine and the Photography 2016-1853

LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Niederkassel 2009

The presented photographers:

Valeska Achenbach, Bernd Arnold, Boris Becker, Wout Berger, Rolf-Georg Bitsch, Kurt Boecker, René Böll, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Chargesheimer, Fritz Christian, Hermann Claasen, Jojakim Cortis, Theodor Creifelds, William England, Hannes Maria Flach, Francis Frith, Arthur Grimm, Ruth Hallensleben, Robert Häusser, Hans Heinig, Heinz Held, Claudio Hils, Candida Höfer, Bernd Hoff, Heinrich Hoffmann, Ralf Kaspers, Barbara Klemm, Wilhelm Koch, Michael Lange, Herbert List, Ute Mahler, Werner Mantz, Martin Manz, Charles Marville, Reinhard Matz, Lee Miller, Paul Nathrath, Cas Oorthuys, Isabela Pacini, Ugo Proietti, Gabriele Pütz, Erwin Quedenfeldt, Max Regenberg, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Gerhard Richter, Frits J. Rotgans, August Sander, Theo Schafgans, Nora Schattauer, Jos Schmid, Kris Scholz, Wilhelm Schürmann, Joachim Schumacher, Friedrich Seidenstücker, Adrian Sonderegger, Axel Stoffers, Eusebius Wirdeier, Wolfgang Zurborn

Duration of the exhibition: September 9th 2016 - January 22nd 2017
Opening: September 9th 2016, 7 p.m.

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Königswinter 2009

The Rhine may aptly be characterized as a flowing current of pictures, this even applying in a dual sense. As early as the time when the production of images began, this most famous of all European rivers advanced to a treasured motif that became widespread in paintings, drawings, and engravings. In turn, the Rhine images are, in general, able to evoke and serve as models of collective notions. In terms of their visual manifestations, they consciously vacillate between testimony and myth, between cliché and art. Such image notions continue to influence the perception of the Rhine to this very day.

The "Flow of Pictures" exhibition explores the ambivalent mutual effects between the river and the image in the light of photography. Ever since the patent was approved in 1839, this modern, technical process has operated in a particular field of tension between the faithful rendering of reality and a collective yearning for fantasy. The show brings together more than 40 noteworthy European photographers, in particular from Germany and the other riparian countries of the Rhine: Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands. The spectrum ranges from free documentary and photo journalistic works up to positions in photography as an art. Thus, "Flow of Pictures" opens up a history of photography by showing a common motif but with a multitude of facets.

The exhibition is curated by Christoph Schaden.

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled., Königswinter 2009

LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn
Colmantstr. 14-16, 53115 Bonn
Tel. +49 (0) 228 / 2070-0,
Fax +49 (0) 228 / 2070-299

Opening hours:
Tue-Fri, Sun and holidays 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sat 1-6 p.m., Mon closed






View to the Movement -
The Cologne Photographers Scene of the 70s and 80s

Wolfgang Zurborn, Carnival in Cologne 1981

Participating photographers:
Bernd Arnold • Jürgen Bindrim • Wolfgang Burat • Gernot Huber
Manfred Linke • Elmar Schmitt • Guenay Ulutuncok • Manfred Wegener Eusebius Wirdeier • Wolfgang Zurborn • Die Kölner Wochenschau

On September 15, 2016 artrmx e.V. is opening the photographic exhibition „Movement in View - The Cologne Photographer Scene of the 70s and 80s" as part of International Photo Scene Cologne. Parallel to the exhibition, a publication of the same appears in the September issue of the Cologne City magazine Stadtrevue.

The exhibition features photographs by Cologne photojournalists who with their pictures captured artistic and aesthetic impressions of the 70s and 80s. They saw themselves as part of the left and alternative social movements and showed in their images what was not to see in the established local press: the dreariness of the suburbs, the slogans of the squatters and protesters, shops and apartments of Turkish guest workers, drag artist, protagonists of the music scene and the demolition of the legendary Stollwerck factory.

Wolfgang Zurborn, Carnival in Cologne 1983

September 16th - October 2nd, 2016

Opening: September 15th 2016, 7 p.m.
Talk, September 30th 2016, 7 p.m.

Atelierzentrum Ehrenfeld // artrmx e.V.
Hospeltstraße 69
50825 Cologne

Opening hours:
Thu-Sat: 4-8 p.m.
Sun: 1-5 p.m.

The exhibition is supported by regional promotion of culture by Landschaftsverbandes Rheinland, the city of Cologen cultural department, Regional Representation Cologne-Ehrenfeld, color company AkzoNobel and GAG Immobilien AG.






European Month of Photography Berlin

The Invention of the Real

Kunst- und Kreativhaus Potsdam
16.10. – 12.11.2016

With photographs by:
K.T. Blumberg, Dieter Hanke, Irinadabo, Tobias Keppler,
Torsten Schumann,
Dieter Seitz, Cina F. Sommerfeld,
Ruth Stoltenberg, Wolfgang Zurborn


These works by nine photographers present an array of subjective perceptions and values in the real world of everyday life. Brought together under the title The Invention of the Real, their photo series offer personal views of urgent present-day phenomena, of social contexts, private relationships and the fragile constructions we employ to remember the past.
The works introduced in this exhibition project operate in the area of tension between document and orchestration. The interplay between the two gives rise to a complex web of thematic and formal correlations that liberate photography from the corset of illustrating text and enable it to manifest its own intrinsic quality as an independent visual language.
The particular quality of the photographic medium resides in its ability to engage in a dialogue with the outside world and repeatedly question its own criteria of perception in order to carry these over into an open-ended process, an experiment in seeing.

All presented works were realised during seminars The Invention of the Real by Wolfgang Zurborn in Berlin.

Torsten Schumann

Vernissage 15.10.2016 7 p.m.
Finissage 12.11.2016 7 p.m.

European Month of Photography Berlin

Kunst- und Kreativhaus Potsdam
Dortustraße 46
14467 Potsdam
Tel: 0179 1895684

Opening hours: Thu–Sun 3-6 p.m.
Free admission

Accompanying to the exhibition a catalog is published.
Price: 18 €. 

Tobias Keppler

















Wolfgang Zurborn


Cina F- Sommerfeld










Ruth Stoltenberg


Space Veggies and Earth Plants

Rencontres d'Arles 2016
Place Voltaire

curated by Tina Schelhorn

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Bad Neuenahr 1997

Andrej Barov - Anna Atkins - Azuma Makoto - Christine Laptuta - Claudia Fährenkämper - Daniel+Geo Fuchs - Elaine Ling - Ellen Boerner - Freya Najade - Jane Fulton Alt - Jessica Hines - Joachim Froese - Karl Blossfeldt - Kate Breakey - Laurie Lambrecht - Lori Nix - Lydia Panas - Mark Klett - Michael Wolf - NASA/ Scott Kelly + DLR Bremen - Robert Renhui Zhao -
Sanna Kannisto - Stephen Althouse - Stefen Chow - Vadim Gushchin -
Wei Bi - Wolfgang Zurborn

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Stuttgart 1993, Anna Atkins

Exhibition "Space Veggies and Earth Plants"





Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2016

May 12-22, 2016

Book Presentation The India Vision Quest

Swastik Pal, Kolkatta 2013

The exhibition is showing results of workshops by Wolfgang Zurborn in Ahmedabad and Kolkata 2013/14 with young Indian photographers. The book about this project was published by Verlag Kettler 2015.

With photographs by:
Imran Ahmed • Arko Datto • Shruti Desai • Shubham Dharmsktu
Manoj Bharti Gupta • Aamir Jasdanwala • Srinivas KN
Kannagi Khanna • Sunny Lamba • Poornima Marh • Hiten Noonwal Swastik Pal • Anoop Ray • Aditi Rokade • Shankar Sarkar
Partha Sengupta • Rutul Shah • Sneha Trivedi • Alexander P. Hansen Wolfgang Zurborn

Opening: May 14, 9 pm.

Tbilisi. 10 D. Abashidze St.
Tel: 218 10 38, (595) 29 88 55

Workshop The Art of Making Photobooks
by Wolfgang Zurborn during KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2016

May 16/17, 10 am - 4 pm
Z. Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art.
Tbilisi, 27 Rustaveli Ave

Information and Application:

Book Cover, Photograph: Iman Ahmed, Design: Richard Reisen

Slideshow showing the book The India Vision Quest

The India Vision Quest

published by Verlag Kettler, Dortmund 2015
Editor: Wolfgang Zurborn
Text: Manik Katyal
Concept and Editing: Wolfgang Zurborn
Book Design: Richard Reisen
Format: 32x24 cm
204 Pages, 114 Color Images, 17 B/W-Images
ISBN: 978-3-86206-495-3
Price: 48.- Euro

The India Vision Quest is a remarkable achievement by eighteen young Indian photographers where they have presented a fusion of the old and new resulted in exquisite, multi-layered perspective of hybridized boomtown of Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Pre-partition neighbor hoods, depicting personal spaces; everyday construction site; extinction of single screen cinemas in India; vibrant night life of Kolkata, tradition versus modernity. The dialectical relationships point to the challenge and contradictions in India's frenzied Landscape of change...
Excerpt from the preface by Manik Katyal, Emaho Magazine

Foto: Shankar Sarkar

The workshops in Ahmedabad (Nov. 2013) and Kolkata (March 2014) were organised by DWIH, German House fpr Research and Innovation New Delhi. Special thanks to Annette Doll-Sellen and Alexander P. Hansen.

Thanks also to Manik Katyal, Rishi Singhal and Suvendu Chatterjee for nominating the participants of the workshops.

For the excellent production of the book The India Vision Quest thanks to Verlag Kettler.

Thanks to Megalab AG, Cologne for the friendly support by the production of the exhibition prints.







Now as eBook dressur real

untitled, Berlin 1998

Editor: Klaus Honnef
73 colour photographs by Wolfgang Zurborn, 1987-2000
Texts: Klaus Honnef, Bill Kouwenhoven
Language: English and German
Programming: Harald Ernst
ISBN: 978-3945594-01-8
Published by: phrdr UG

The printed version was published in the year 2001
by J. Strauss Publishing House, Potsdam
ISBN 3-929748-21-5

untitled, Bad Neuenahr 1997

untitled, Los Angeles 1993

...Wolfgang Zurborn with his workgroup “dressur real” puts this to the test and shows by photographic means that photography - no less than painting or digitalized images - represents, always and inevitably, a construction of the visibly Real in a twofold meaning of the word, irrespective of its indexical structure, i.e., the physical imprint of traces of what had once been. The make-up of his pictures is correspondingly complex, on the level of their appearance as well as their formal abstraction. Simultaneously on these levels, other levels of varying origin additionally cross-connect, which are of different intensity, space and time, nature and culture, human and material world, signifier and signified. In part they network here, in part the different event levels seem to come about on their own, thanks to perspective, cut and lighting....
(Excerpt of the preface by the editor Klaus Honnef)

untitled., Wuppertal 1997









Now as eBook In the Labyrinth of Signs

Wolfgang Zurborn, Im Labyrinth der Zeichen, 1991-93, Printversion 1998

For more than a decade, Wolfgang Zurborn has investigated the relation between photography and public space, while not trying to depict urban landscapes objectively, nor investigating human behaviour the way a journalist would. Rather he has posed a philosophical question by means of photography: How far is it possible for a subject in the digital age to attain individual cognition and performance in an everyday public context? 
Peter V. Brinkemper in the introduction to the book In the Labyrinth of Signs.
printed version published 1998

On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac axailable.
Published: September 2nd, 2014
Publisher: Phrdr UG
19 colour photographs, 38 Pages
Language: German, English








elf uhr elf

Book about the carnival in Cologne with photographs by:
Theo Barth, Ute Behrend, Thekla Ehling, Dirk Gebhardt, Matthias Jung, David Klammer, Frederic Lezmi, Nadine Preiß and Wolfgang Zurborn.

elf uhr elf is published by Verlag Verlag Kettler.
ISBN 978-3-86206-337-6
144 pages, 124 images
Editor: elfuhrelf GbR
Initiator: Matthias Jung
Editorial team: Ute Behrend, Thekla Ehling, Nadine Preiß
Layout: eye-d Designbüro
Image layout: Wolfgang Zurborn
Texts about carnival by the authors: Norbert Hummelt, Adrian Kasnitz, Martin Stankowski, Ute Wegmann, Lars Weisbrod and Christoph Wirtz.
Postface: Dr. Michael Euler-Schmidt, Stadtmuseum Cologne

Wolfgang Zurborn, Out of Space, Cologne 2010

elf uhr elf - nine most well-known Cologne photo journalists and artists for the first time realised a collaborative art project about the Carnival in Cologne. elfuhrelf is sympathetic to the idea of carnival and to all people participating in one of the biggest festivities in Germany. For the Rhinelanders it is the pure form of happiness, generating energy and power for the rest of the year. The photographs by Ute Behrend, Theodor Barth, Thekla Ehling, Dirk Gebhardt, Matthias Jung, David Klammer, Frederic Lezmi, Nadine Preiß and Wolfgang Zurborn are focussing on this energy. elf uhr elf is creating a modern, exciting and tender view on the Carnival in Cologne between carnival men's meetings und street carnival, between the private world of carnival presidents and the public pleasures of love, between reality and fairy-tale.
The photographs are showing the festivities of common people in the suburbs, the international attraction of the Shrove Monday procession and the mystic, archaic and phantasic ceremonies and parties of alternative carnival.

David Klammer Herren Sitzung




















Thekla Ehling











Theodor Barth Paar Rotat



Publication by Verlag Kettler, April 2015

Book cover Catch

72 colour photographs by Wolfgang Zurborn
Text by Ror Wolf
Language: German and English
100 pages, hard cover, format: 24x30,4 cm
Editor: Achim Heine
published by Verlag Kettler, Dortmund
Design: Heine/Lenz/Zizka,
Conceptual cooperation: Richard Reisen
Release date: April 20, 2015
ISBN: 978-3-86206-475-5
Price: 38.- Euro

Slideshow Catch

From the book Catch

Book Launch and Exhibition

Galerie Lichtblick Cologne, May 24 - June 7, 2015
Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle, June 11 - September 13, 2015
Kunstsammlungen und Museen Augsburg
Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus September 18, - November 22, 2015
RAY 2015. Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain
Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, June 20 - September 20, 2015

Thanks to Megalab AG Cologne for the friendly support
by the production of the exhibition prints.

untitled, Cologne 2005

The curiosity to experience, the search for communication, to long for images that tear us out of the routine consumption of normal media image clutter: images with irritating cutouts, surprising compositions and unusual perspectives. Such an irritation is necessary to reflect upon what we encounter in everyday life. A more mysterious way of seeing evokes questioning of how to look and thus penetrate further into the various layers of the visible. The world as a collage will not dissolve in a unique punch line but rather expand itself in disparity. Space between things is very important. It leaves us room for imagination. The images themselves become catalysts to the experience diverse perception. They extend the visions for the discovery of the seemingly trivial-----Catch!

untitled, Cologne 2013







Photo-Weekend at BBK Kunstforum Düsseldorf


Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Cologne 2013, from the book Catch


Linda B. Gordon - Birgit Martin - Jan Masa - Janice Orth
Ulrike Redlich-Kocks - Fred Urbanke - Guntram Walter - Wolfgang Zurborn

Duration of exhibition: January 29 to 31, 2016
Opening: Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7.30 pm

Catch - Lecture and Booksigning with Wolfgang Zurborn

Sunday, January 31, 3-5 pm








Kunstsammlungen und Museen Augsburg
Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Liptovski Mikulas, 2006

Duration of the exhibition: September 18 - November 22, 2015

Opening: Thursday, September 17, 7.30 p.m.
Introduction by Thomas Elsen, Director of Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus

Opening hours: Mon closed, Tue–Sun 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Kunstsammlungen und Museen Augsburg
Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus
Maximilianstraße 48
D-86150 Augsburg
Phone +49 (0) 821 / 324 41 12
Fax +49 (0) 821 / 324 41 05


Review on the book "Catch" by Greg Andruszczenko in GUP Magazine

The ‘decisive moment’ is a concept attributed to Henri Cartier-Bresson, reflecting his philosophy of street photography to select the intuitive moment at which to freeze time, in order to capture an action at the apex of its curvature.

German photographer Wolfgang Zurborn works within the tradition of street photography in his newest photobook Catch to draw together multiple seemingly disparate events into one pivotal moment. His photographs seem to be captured in an ordinary glance, perfectly lifted from daily life, but structured in an eye-gyrating combination. The resulting images are simple and at the same time complex in their collage-like assembly.

Catch, Exhibition at Neue Galrie im Höhmannhaus, Augsburg

As a book, Catch demonstrates a mastery of rhythmical layout. On the left page, the paths in a park converge to a line made by the meeting of two panes of glass, which points our eye to the right page where the line splits into multiples, which hold taut a billowed out tent-like structure. The composition is complemented on the following two pages by a hanging fishnet, and further a children’s playground built of converging aluminium skeletons, ending in a squared off angle, amidst a background of high-rises. And so forth through the book.

Catch bangs out a fierce yet loosely controlled rhythm with a jazz sensibility, seeming to meander off beat, but always on. The pace of the book is quick-paced, easy to flip through and catch the beat, but invites further exploration of the individual pages.

Zurborn, a German photographer and educator, seems to gleefully break the tradition of the formal, structurally analytical Dusseldorf school in which he was brought up, allowing instead the viewer to make their own analysis. In place of the stark tradition of repetitive analysis, Wolfgang’s images burst with colour and energy, challenging us to question our surroundings, stand back, and not take life so seriously.









Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle (Saale)

Echibition Catch - Photo Gallery West Wing, Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle

Duration of the exhibition: June 11- August 30, 2015

Stiftung Moritzburg Halle (Saale)
Kunstmuseum des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt
Friedemann-Bach-Platz 5
06108 Halle (Saale)
Phone +49 (0)345 21 259-6890,
Fax +49 (0)345 20 29 990

Echibition Catch - Photo Gallery West Wing, Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle








The India Vision Quest

Publcation by Verlag Kettler showing the results of the workshops by
Zurborn in Ahmedabad and Kolkata 2013/14 with young
Indian photographers. Text by Manik Katyal.

Book Cover, Photograph: Iman Ahmed, Design: Richard Reisen

The publication is showing photographs by:
Imran Ahmed • Arko Datto • Shruti Desai • Shubham Dharmsktu
Manoj Bharti Gupta • Aamir Jasdanwala • Srinivas KN
Kannagi Khanna • Sunny Lamba • Poornima Marh • Hiten Noonwal Swastik Pal • Anoop Ray • Aditi Rokade • Shankar Sarkar
Partha Sengupta • Rutul Shah • Sneha Trivedi • Alexander P. Hansen Wolfgang Zurborn

Slideshow with images from the book The India Vision Quest

Photograph: Anoop Ray

The India Vision Quest

published by Verlag Kettler, Dortmund 2015
Editor: Wolfgang Zurborn
Text: Manik Katyal
Concept and Editing: Wolfgang Zurborn
Book Design: Richard Reisen
Format: 32x24 cm
204 Pages, 114 Color Images, 17 B/W-Images
ISBN: 978-3-86206-495-3
Price: 48.- Euro

Photograph: Swastik Pal

The India Vision Quest is a remarkable achievement by eighteen young Indian photographers where they have presented a fusion of the old and new resulted in exquisite, multi-layered perspective of hybridized boomtown of Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Pre-partition neighbor hoods, depicting personal spaces; everyday construction site; extinction of single screen cinemas in India; vibrant night life of Kolkata, tradition versus modernity. The dialectical relationships point to the challenge and contradictions in India's frenzied Landscape of change...
Excerpt from the preface by Manik Katyal, Emaho Magazine

Photograph: Shankar Sarkar

The workshops in Ahmedabad (Nov. 2013) and Kolkata (March 2014) were organised by DWIH, German House fpr Research and Innovation New Delhi. Special thanks to Annette Doll-Sellen and Alexander P. Hansen.

Thanks also to Manik Katyal, Rishi Singhal and Suvendu Chatterjee for nominating the participants of the workshops,

Exhibitions showing the results of the workshops have been until now in New Delhi, Pondicherry and Kolkata. More presentations will be in Ahmedabad (Oktober 2015) and Bengalore (November 2015).

Photographs: Kannagi Khanna







DWIH Horizon: Art Meets Science

The Theatre of Real Life

Exhibition tour in India showing results of workshops by
Wolfgang Zurborn with young Indian photographers.

The masterclasses took place at National Institute of Design in Gandhinagar (2013) and in Kolkata (2014). They were organised by DWIH, German House of Research and Innovation, New Delhi

Anoop Ray

Works by:

Imran Ahmed • Arko Datto • Shruti Desai • Shubham Dharmsktu
Manoj Bharti Gupta • Aamir Jasdanwala • Srinivasa K N
Kannagi Khanna • Sunny Lamba • Poornima Marh • Hitender Noonwal
Swastik Pal • Anoop Ray • Aditi Rokade • Shankar Sarkar
Partha Sengupta • Rutul Shah • Sneha Trivedi

and photographs by Wolfgang Zurborn from New Delhi and Kolkata

Wolfgang Zurborn, New Delhi

Exhibitions in India

Oktober 27- November 1, 2014 in New Delhi
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA),

February 21 - 26, 2015 in Puducherry
Cafe de flore, Alliance Francaise de Pondichéry

March 10 - 15, 2015 in Kolkata
Rabindranath Tagore Centre,
Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR)

October 9 -18, 2015 in Gandhinagar
National Institute of Design

November 21 -29, 2015 in Bangalore
Christ University

Swastik Pal, Kolkata 2014

All exhibitions were organized by DWIH,
German House for Research and Innovation New Delhi.
Special thanks to Annette Doll-Sellen and Alexander P. Hansen

Thanks to Manik Katyal, Rishi Singhal and Suvendu Chatterjee
for nominating the participants of the workshops.

Thanks to Verlag Kettler for the perfect production of the book The India Vision Quest showing the results of the workshops.

For the friendly support by the production of the
exhibition prints we thank the Megalab AG, Cologne

Sunny Lamba, Ahmedabad







RAY 2015 Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain

Imagine Reality

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Leverkusen 2005 from the book Catch

Main exhibition at MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main,
at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt and at Museum Angewandte Kunst

Duration of the exhibition: June 20 - September 20, 2015
Opening: June 19, 2015, 7 pm, MMK 1 of MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst

Participating artists:

Sonja Braas » Barbara Breitenfellner » Sophie Calle » David Claerbout » Jonas Dahlberg » Cristina De Middel » Klaus Elle » Jan Paul Evers » Lucas Foglia » Joan Fontcuberta » Beate Gütschow » João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva » Barbara Kasten » Annette Kelm » Cinthia Marcelle » Maix Mayer » Sanaz Mazinani » Abelardo Morell » Yamini Nayar » Hans Op de Beeck » Miguel Rio Branco » Viviane Sassen » Kathrin Sonntag » Simon Starling » Anoek Steketee » John Stezaker » Jan Tichy » Wolfgang Zurborn 

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Paris 1989, from the book dressur real

Curators of the exhibition:

Anne-Marie Beckmann (Art Collection Deutsche Börse)
Jule Hillgärtner (freie Kuratorin)
Celina Lunsford (Fotografie Forum Frankfurt)
Alexandra Lechner (Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie)
Peter Gorschlüter (MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main)
Matthias Wagner K (Museum Angewandte Kunst)

The focus of RAY 2015 is the main exhibition IMAGINE REALITY.
It is on view from June 20th to September 20th, 2015, in the spaces of the Museum Angewandte Kunst, the Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main and the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt. In addition to the main exhibition the second edition of RAY will commission new and exclusive productions that will be presented in the partnering institutions in Frankfurt and the RheinMain region. The featured works as well the new commissions will focus on the transitions between documentary, photo-journalistic, applied and art photography.  IMAGINE REALITY shows how photography creates new realities in addition to capturing it.

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Kommern 2004, from the book Drift

In the exhibition IMAGINE REALITY the photographic applications vary as much as the history of photography itself and reflect the transformation of the medium: analogue photographic processes and new methods, made possible by technological change, are used in equal measure within current art photography.

I am showing at Museum Angewandte Kunst a selection of works from my projects dressur real, Drift and Catch.

Museum Angewandte Kunst
Schaumainkai 17
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Festival address:
RAY Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain
Braubachstr. 30-32, 60311 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 (0)69 74090003








Asia Express

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Beijing 2006

Steven Benson, Zaza Bertrand, Jef Boes, Sander Buyck, Chili, James Whitlow Delano, Maxim Delvaux, Sanne de Wilde, Marine Dricot, Gert Jochems, Maroesjka Lavigne, Elaine Ling, Kumi Oguro, Constance Proux, Luc Rabaey, Frank Rothe, Lisa & Clara Spilliaert, Niels Stomps, Pieter ten Hoopen, Kurt Tong, Thomas van den Driessche, Britt Vangenechten, Franky Verdickt, John Vink, Xiao Xiao Xu, Wolfgang Zurborn

December 19th 2014 - January 4th 2015
Opening: December 18th 2014, 8 p.m.

Former Police Station
Hauwerstraat 3

organized by Fotohuis Stedel. Academie DKO & 44 Gallery

Sanne de Wilde, The Dwarf Empire







Chine Today

China Stories - a selection by Tina Schelhorn

Harvey Benge, Steven Benson, Chili, Stefen Chow, James W. Delano, Luis Delgado, Sanne de Wilde, Katharina Hesse, Oyvind Hjelmen, Liu Jin, Pok Chi Lau, Elaine Ling, Sherman Ong, Chris Rauschenberg, Michael Rhoades, Yuan Shun, Matthew Sleeth, Homer Sykes, Zsolt Szamody, Ian Teh, Kurt Tong, Robert Welsh, Wolfgang Zurborn

& Max Pam, Pierre Bessard

Wolfgang Zurborn, China! Which China?, Beijing 2006

July, 6th.-13th, 2014

Opening: Sunday, July 6th, 2014, 6 p.m.

l'atelier cinq
lieu de l'écrit & galerie
Place Voltaire, 5 rue tardieu
13200 Arles

Publication in co-operation with Heine/Lenz/Zizka

Wolfgang Zurborn, "China! Which China?"
Wolfgang Zurborn, "China! Which China?"
Photographs from Beijing and Shanghai 2006
4x4 section, 42x31.5cm leporello

A project by Heine/Lenz/Zizka and
Design: Heine/Lenz/Zizka, Frankfurt, Berlin
Publisher:, Cologne
ISBN: 3-932187-12-1
Price: 48.- Euro










International Photo Scene Cologne 2014


Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Shanghai 2006
From the series China! Which China?

Edition 15
475.- Euro

On occasion of its relaunch Photo Scene Cologne for the first time is publishing an edition with 19 photographers - as a subjective selection, which is creating a multifaceted overview on contemporary German photography.

The participating photographers are:

Boris Becker, Peter Bialobrzeski, Frank Breuer, Chris Durham,
Boris Eldagsen, Albrecht Fuchs, Andreas Gefeller, Pepa Hristova, Matthias Jung, Michael Lange, Tamara Lorenz, Irina Ruppert,
Linn Schröder, Oliver Sieber, Katja Stuke, Anna Vogel, Petra Wittmar, Tobias Zielony
and Wolfgang Zurborn.

All edition prints you can see on the website of Photo Scene Cologne:








PIMP the TIMP Volume II

An exhibition project by Galerie Lichtblick,
FENZkunstraum and Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes

Within the frame of 21st International Photoszene Cologne

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Shanghai 2006

Pimp the Timp Volume II

September 15th-23rd 2012


Manuel Bauer, Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Harvey Benge, Steven Benson,
Michael Christopher Brown, Chili, Stefen Chow, Nathalie Daoust,
James Whitlow Delano, Luis Delgado, Giulio Di Sturco,
Antonio Julio Duarte, Joakim Eneroth, Katharina Hesse,
Oyvind Hjelmen, Torben Höke, Ore Huiying, Liu Jin, Men Jin & Fang Er,
Ferit Kuyas, Kary Ka-Che Kwok, Pok Chi Lau, Elaine Ling, Feng Mengbo,
Midori Mitamura, Wolfgang Müller, Andreas Müller Pohle, Sherman Ong,
Tatsumi Orimoto, Wang Qingsong, Michael Rauner, Chris Rauschenberg,
Michael Rhoades, Frank Rothe, Gerard Saitner, Frank Silberbach,
Matthew Sleeth, Zsolt Szamódy, Homer Sykes, Ian Teh, Kurt Tong,
Linda Troeller, Unity Art Nabiha + Thom, Robert Welsh, Wolfgang Zurborn

Exhibition curated by Tina Schelhorn

Wolfgang Zurborn, China! Which China?

China Stories

China is a country of contrasts. It is one of the oldest advanced civilizations, and one of the most populous countries in the world on its way to become politically and economically a world power. Communist-ruled, but characterized by an unrestrained capitalism, rich in natural beauty, but characterized by environmental degradation, millionaires and abject poverty, china lives the dualism of extremes . The images and stories are countless as the myriad of lights of the big cities.International photographers show different perspectives on modern China, document the changes and reminisce about spirits and shamans. The pictures in this exhibition deal with large landscapes and intimate scenes of everyday life. The speed of change and the extremes in a surreal society are reflected in the work of more than 30 Photgraphers.
We travel with photographers from around the world to the City of Ambition, listen to stories and share Xizhimen's Flat. The compelling images not only provide a visual picture of today's China but present china´s stories suggesting a presentiment for its future.




























Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara & Goethe-Institut Indonesien


exhibition / photobook launch / portofolio review / gallery talk /
music for democracy and photobook masterclass
special guests Markus Schaden and Wolfgang Zurborn
January 16th -22nd 2013

Photobook Masterclass Jakarta 2013

Documentation of Photobook Masterclass Jakarta 2013

Celebrating a “Month of Photo Book“ starting in January, GFJA turns into a centre of photo book art and offers a wide range of activities alongside the exhibition. Let yourself be inspired by photographers giving exclusive insight into their working process, listen to emerging photo artists introducing their latest projects and be part of the public discussion deliberating on future photo book markets and the challenges of e-distribution. In January Galeri Antara is all about good photos and how to strikingly present them in form of a book.

Already known to the scene from his last visit in 2011, Markus Schaden returns to Jakarta as the “Special Guest”, this time bringing along his photographer-colleague Wolfgang Zurborn. Together they will be holding the “Photo Book Master Class Jakarta”, working with the participating photographers on developing their own projects.

Photo Book Master Class Jakarta
with Markus Schaden and Wolfgang Zurborn (Invitation only)
January 16-22, 2013

Portofolio Review (Registration Required,
Saturday, January 19, 2013 / 13:00 - 17:00 / GFJA

Gallery Talk
"ebook: The end of Photo Book?"
Speakers: Markus Schaden, Wolfgang Zurborn, Oscar Motuloh
Sunday, January 20, 2013 / 15:00 - 17:00 / Neo Journalism Club / Jl. Antara 61, Pasar Baru, Jakarta
"Foto Ikonik & Pendekatan Pribadi"
Speakers: Beawiharta, Jay Subyakto, Kemal Jufri and Lasti Kurnia
Saturday, January 26, 2013 / 15:00 - 17:00 / Neo Journalism Club / Jl. Antara 61, Pasar Baru, Jakartata



















Photobook Masterclass Jakarta 2013








Au Centre de la Vitesse

Au Centre de la Vitesse #13, 1994

Wolfgang Zurborn Au Centre de la Vitesse

November 6th - December 1st 2012

Galerie de la Corderie
56, rue Albert Bailly
59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul

Opening hours: Tue 2-7 p.m., Wed 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-6 p.m.,
Thu 2-6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-6 p.m.

More Info and images about the series In the Middle of the Speed

In the Middle of the Speed (1996)

Pierre Devin, from the text in the publication Au Centre de la Vitesse,
Cahier 22 of the project Minnion Photographique Transmanche, organised by Centre Régional de la Photographie Nord Pas-de-Calais

The construction of the tunnel under the channel is the symbol of European construction and its territorial development. This development favours communications networks and high-speed exchanges. Those in power decided on just-in-time distribution for the communications logistics. Speed and just-in-time, to the point of saturation, have become the very attributes of the powers-that-be.

Au Centre de la Vitesse # 4, 1996

The abolition of the natural obstacle has inevitably brought about a banalization of the voyage itself, a cosmopolitan standardisation of the places of transit and even of the destinations, articulated in a language consisting of pictograms and elementary English. Like the „Transsiberian“, the „Simplon Orient Express“, or the „Etoile du Nord“, will Eurostar engender its own prose?

Wolfgang Zurborn was intrigued by this „compression“ of significations of the contemporary world at two moments which are themselves significative. On the one hand, the inauguration, which is conceived as a concerted and decisive moment. With the projection of the images and, if possible, other poetics – for a shuttle, fundamentally, is nothing more than an international subway – and on the other hand, the city of Europe which sees itself in permanence as a panorama of the continent, and which has thus taken on the form of a megamall. Could a better symbol have been imagined?..






Voices of the Sea

Musée des Beaux-Arts Calais

Wolfgang Zurborn In the Middle of the Speed #9, Calais 1994

Voices of the Sea

Joseph Koudelka, Allan Sekula, Jacqueline Salmon, Martin Parr, Bruno Serralongue, Bernard Plossu, Michel Kempf, Philippe Lesage, Jean-Louis Garnell, François Méchain, Paul Armand Gette, Franck Bernhard, Marilyn Bridges, Wolfgang Zurborn, Jean Pierre Gilson, Fabiana Figueiredo, Jean Pierre Parmentier, Philippe Bazin, Catherine Melin and Frédéric Lefever.

November 17th, 2012 - April 14th, 2013

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Calais
25 rue Richelieu - 62100 Calais
Phone : 03 21 46 48 40
Fax : 03 21 46 48 47

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 2-5 p.m., Sun 2-5 p.m.
Monday closed

Voiles of the sea is the third step in a series of exhibitions on the representations of Calais coast and takes stock of 30 years of photography in Calais. Tourism, migration, or the construction of the Eurotunnel have attracted the attention of more than 20 artists. One hundred works primarily from the collection of the Centre Régionale de la Photographie Nord Pas-de-Calais in Douchy-les-Mines and the Musèe des Beaux-Arts Calais will be exhibited.

Very recent works, film, photography and research projects by Enrique Ramirez, Jan Lemitz and Laura Henno, show that the city focuses the interest of contemporary art around important issues: the movement, the man in the landscape, vernacular architecture and globalization.
Exhibition organized in collaboration with the CRP, the Centre Régionale de la Photographie Nord Pas-de-Calais in Douchy-les-Mines and MJC Rosendaël.

Voices of the Sea is part of the European project TAP, Time and Place. Participating institutions are: European contemporary art center Fabrica in Brighton, Sainsbury Art Center in Norwich, Frac Lower Normandy Caen, Communauté d'agglomération du Calaisis and the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Calais.


Wolfgang Zurborn In the Middle of the Speed #1, Calais 1994

























In the Middle of the Speed #20, Calais 1996





In the Middle of the Speed #21, Calais 1996


Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 2012 

Exhibitions, Workshops, Portfolio Reviews, Lectures

June 7th-14th 2012

Wolfgang Zurborn, Drift, Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art in Tbilisi

Documentation of Kolga Tbilisi Photo Meeting 2012

Mistigris - German Contemporary Photography
Exhibition curated by Tina Schelhorn

Dominique Auerbacher/ Holger Trülzsch • Andrej Barov
Ute Behrend • Barbara Burg/ Oliver Schuh • Dirk Gebhardt
Teona Gogichaishvili • Sibylle Fendt • Frederic Lezmi
David Klammer • Marc Räder • Frank Robert • Lukas Roth
Frank Rothe • Wolfgang Zurborn

Opening: June 7th, 6 pm

Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art in Tbilisi
27 Rustaveli Prospect
Tbilisi, Georgia

This museum opened on end of February 2012 and is the first museum in Georgia dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

Ute Behrend

Further Exhibitions

Kcurated by Tina Schelhorn:
American Contemporary Photography
Images Against War
Nigel Dickinson - Beyond Borders

More information on the website of Gallery Lichtblick
and Kolga Tbilisi Photo


Richard Bram, New York - Reality Condensed
Nigel Dickinson, Paris - Visual Story Telling
Pok Chi Lau, Kansas City - Cultural Heritage Traces in Tbilisi
Frederic Lezmi, Cologne/Istanbul - Tracking Tbilisi
William Messer, Cincinnati - Naked Truth
Mimi Mollica, London - The Peaceful Hunter  
Gordon Smith, Philadelphia - Capturing a sense of place
Wolfgang Zurborn, Cologne - In the Streets of Tbilisi

Detailed Information and application on the Website of Lichtblick School

Sibylle Fendt










44 Gallery, Bruges, Belgium

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled., Maastricht, 2002

Wolfgang Zurborn - Drift

November 12th - Dezember 4th 2011

Opening: Friday November 11th, 7 p.m.
Introduction: Sofie Crabbé, Art Historian, Critic

Dezember 2nd - 6th 44 GALLERY at LINEART ART FAIR GENT

Genthof 44 - 8000 Bruges, Belgium
opening hours: Sat, Sun 2 - 6 p.m.
contact: Luc Rabaey
+32 489 552663


More images and texts about Drift,
the book, the editions, the exhibitions,
you find in this Portfolio







Wolfgang Zurborn – Drift

UNO ART SPACE, Stuttgart

Wolfgang Zurborn Drift, Uno Art Space, Stuttgart

Wolfgang Zurborn - Drift

March 6th – July 4th 2010

Opening: March 6th 2010, 7 - 10 p.m.
Finissage: July 3rd 2010, 8 - 10 p.m.

Uno Art Space - Ute Noll
On Photography & Illustration
Liststrasse 27
70180 Stuttgart
0711 66 48 72 85


Slideshow Drift


Change of display case

Frederic Lezmi - From Vienna to Beirut
Searching for the border between Europe and the Orient.

May 7th 2010, 8 p.m.
Talk between Frederic Lezmi and Wolfgang Zurborn

From August to December 2008 I was „en route” between Vienna and Beirut. During my travel, I encountered people in versatile worlds, inside or in front of architectural places, both real and artificial, public and private. In my photographs, people emerge either as just passers-by or while waiting, as subjects and objects of the viewer’s eye, moving about in their urban or rural environment. These are distanced views in which locals and tourists are on their paths, randomly congregating and forming elusive compositions. These pictures represent neither precise documents nor do they create artistic worlds. They rather mean to be constructions of multicolored, fragmented impressions, like looking through a kaleidoscope. I often show architectural monuments, including the social life taking place within, in various superimposed layers and conditions. Through reflections and fragmentations within the images, the viewer’s eye is being multiplied, inverted and divided in order to put on trial and call in question the perception of cultural differences and their importance for the “present” and the “past” of our society.
































Frederic Lezmi, Beyond Borders - From Vienna to Beirut White Press, 2009



Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Exhibition at PDNB Gallery in Dallas, August 2007

PDNB Gallery
1202 Dragon Street, Suite 103
Dallas, TX 75207
phone: 214.969.1852
fax: 214.745.9901

Review in Dallas Morning News

The German photographer Wolfgang Zurborn, showing at Photographs Do Not Bend, makes brightly colored photographs of fragmented objects. The images bring to mind the collage-based paintings of pop artist James Rosenquist...

Mounted on aluminum, the shiny surfaces of Mr. Zurborn's photographs are tight and resolute. The completeness of each image runs counter to the topsy-turvy movement he distills. The photographs seem captured on the go. A photo from Wolfsburg in 2002 shows the shiny black front fender of an old VW Bug reflecting a sliver of an adjacent billboard. The figure from the billboard is anamorphic, distorted as though captured in motion.

Charissa N. Terranova

The exhibition was sponsered by Dallas Goethe Center and by Lufthansa.






Street Photography Now

London Street Photography Festival 2011

Wolfgang Zurborn, Drift, o.T., Wolfsburg, 2001

Street Photography Now

Christophe Agou • Arif Asci • Narelle Autio • Polly Braden
Bang Byoung-Sang • Maciej Dakowicz • Carolyn Drake • Melanie Einzig George Georgiou • David Gibson • Bruce Gilden • Thierry Girard
Andrew Glickman • Siegfried Hansen • Markus Hartel • Nils Jorgensen
Richard Kalvar • Martin Kollar • Jens Olof Lasthein • Frederic Lezmi
Jesse Marlow • Jeff Mermelstein  • Joel Meyerowitz • Mimi Mollica
Trent Parke • Martin Parr • Gus Powell • Mark Alor Powell
Bruno Quinquet • Paul Russell • Otto Snoek • Matt Stuart
Ying Tang • Alexey Titarenko • Nick Turpin • Munem Wasif
Alex Webb • Amani Willett • Michael Wolf • Artem Zhitenev
Wolfgang Zurborn

7. - 17. Juli 2011

18 Exmouth Market
London, EC1R 4QE
täglich 11.00 - 19.00 Uhr


Street Photography Now
Exhibition accompanying the same-named publication
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, London
Authors: Sophie Howarth, Stephen McLaren

The first substantial survey of international street photography since the late 1980s. For the last twenty years the candid photography of life in public has been mostly underground but secretly flourishing.

Street Photography Now showcases the work of forty-six image-makers who are notable for their candid depictions of life on the streets and in the subway, in shopping malls and movie theaters, on beaches and in parks. Four thought-provoking essays put the work into the wider context of what has gone before, while quotes from the photographers expand and illuminate their work and draw attention to their influences and ways of working.

Included are luminaries such as Magnum grandmasters Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr and Alex Webb, as well as an international group of emerging photographers whose views of New York or Tokyo, Mumbai or Bournemouth, Istanbul or Dakar, all record moments in time that will never be repeated.
200 color and 60 black-and-white photographs.


Buchcover Street Photography Now































Nils Jorgensen




Bruce Gilden




The London Street Photography Festival








So far, so close

Galerie Ruhnke, Potsdam

Wolfgang Zurborn, Sankt Augustin, 2009


Birgit Knappe

Wolfgang Zurborn
Photographs from the series China! Which China?, 2006
and Mitten im Westen, 2009

In addition:
Photographs by participants of the seminar Die Erfindung des Realen by Wolfgang Zurborn at Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin:
Marina d’Oro, Oliver Gerhartz, Beate Hoerkens, Christian Kosfeld,
Xavier Ribes, Dieter Seitz, Ruth Stoltenberg, Lena Treugut,
Martina Zschocke

Opening: June 19th 2010, 4 p.m.
Exhibition until August 1st, 2010

Galerie Ruhnke
Charlottenstr. 122
14467 Potsdam
phone 0331.5058086 and 01577.2958104
Thu–Sun 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. and by appointment
Exhibition of the sculpters at Findlingsgarten, Seddiner See


Workshop So far, so close

by Wolfgang Zurborn at Galerie Ruhnke August 31st, 2010


































untitled, Beijing 2006



The 6th Warsaw Festival of Art Photography 2010

Wolfgang Zurborn Terra Incognita


Wolfgang Zurborn, Terra Incognita #2, Bielefeld 2002

Look in the exhibition

Wolfgang Zurborn Terra Incognita

April 16th – May 10th, 2010

Opening: April 16th, 2010, 6 p.m.

Galeria Art NEW Media
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 41
Poland - 00-071 Warsaw
phone.: +48 22 828 82 22
fax: +48 22 828 82 21
opening hours: Mon - Fri 11 a.m.- 7 p.m., Sat 11 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Festival program


Dojczland … mit freundlichen Grüßen

Curators: Inga Schneider and Sebastian Hau

The theme which cements the series of events (six exhibitions and a seminar are about German photography), prepared by German curators, Inga Schneider and Sebastian Hau, is the sentimentality of German photography and the challenge that is the articulation of feelings in the photographic recording. The goal of the exhibitions is also the depiction of a different, more ‘humane’ image of Germany as well as trying to change the stereotypical view of the country held by Poles. The German presentations will take place under a joint title: “Dojczland ... mit freundlichen Grüßen,” [Germany…with regards], which refers to the title of Andrzej Stasiuk’s book “Dojczland“.

Representatives of various generations, schools of thought and genres can be found among the German artists. These include Arno Fischer and Chargesheimer, the authors of photographs from the fifties and sixties depicting cities in the process of being rebuilt after the war and which stood at the threshold of constant political divisions, such as Cologne or Berlin. Wolfgang Zurborn shows unique images of the industrial metropolis Bielefeld, which he registers in the shape of an individualized and extremely suggestive photographic note, almost akin to the art of painting, full of unconventional shots, views and perspectives. Oliver Kern tries to define national identity through the registration symbols and signs present in everyday Germany as well as daily human existence in distant, forgotten corners of the country. Thekla Ehling concentrates on her immediate surroundings and depicts moving stories of those closest to her using simple narratives. Peter Piller works with ‘ready’ material, photographs from local newspaper supplements, arranged into a few dozen thematic groups, which reflect on the way in which the viewer is manipulated through ever-present images in the mass media.

As part of the seminars on German photography, we would like to present a series of lectures and meetings, speakers will include: Inga Schneider (“New tendencies in German photography”), Markus Schaden (“German photographic publishing houses“), Sebastian Hau (“The Problem of identity and registering of emotion in German photography“), Oliver Kern, (“The german view, about one‘s own photography“) and Thomas Martin and Hannes Gieseler (a film and lecture onWolfgang Zurborn.





























Wolfgang Zurborn,
Terra Incognita #17
, Bielefeld 2002






Wolfgang Zurborn, Terra Incognita #10, Bielefeld 2002



Calender Galleries in Frankfurt

photographs by Wolfgang Zurborn

photograph by Wolfgang Zurborn from the calender Galleries in Frankfurt
Claudia Wieser, Gallery Eva Winkeler

Slideshow Gallery-Calender

Galerien in Frankfurt

Calender of Stritzinger GmbH Druck + Daten
13 photographs by Wolfgang Zurborn
Celina Lunsford, Artistic Director, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
Sabine Seitz, Managing Director, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt

participating galleries:
Galerie Maurer • Japan Art, Galerie Friedrich Müller • Galerie F.A.C. Prestel
Galerie Anita Beckers • L.A. Galerie • galerie martina detterer
Bernhard Knaus Fine Art GmbH • Kai Middendorf Galerie • Galerie Greulich
Galerie Braubachfive • galerie leuenroth gmbh • Galerie Eva Winkeler
galerie wagner + marks


13 on 11/12

The Frankfurt gallery scene along the city Tram 11/12,
which stretches from the Bahnhofsviertel across town to the Hanauer Landstraße, is an essential lifeline for Frankfurt’s importance as an art centre. This is an exponential »art« calendar in that it documents the wanderlust of one artist’s eyes throughout a week’s journey to the individual galleries.

The acceptance of Wolfgang Zurborn to make this special tour for us gives credence to the original idea of revealing the concentration and diversity of contemporary art, the inner-city allure and the relaxed, non-polluting ride with the Bahnhof-Braubach-Hanau »art express«.
Zurborn’s picture language is rooted in the uncanny details of life’s dynamics. His photographs disclose the clashing fraction of a second when and where objects, gestures, or scenery appear to drift back and forth. Our eyes may wander, as if we are walking on all fours or have started listening to the artwork instead of viewing it. None of his works are digitally composed even though they characteristically appear as a generated collage.

One artist that has long been a source of inspiration to Wolfgang Zurborn is Jacques Tati, the French comedian and filmmaker.
Like Tati, Zurborn revels in the surprises of everyday satire. Zurborn’s approach can be liked to a common English underground...»Step lively«.
If there were only more months in the year, we could have shown more of his curious trip. »With a surrealist sense of humour I am creating a collision montage of juxtaposed, multi-layered images combined on a single picture plane. Disconnected from the purely functional sense our every-day surrounding appears in a much more sensual way.«

Celina Lunsford, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt



























Japan Art, Galerie Friedrich Müller





Galerie Greulich




Les Paysage en Mutation

Mission Photographique Transmanche

Wolfgang Zurborn At the Centre of the Speed #8, 1996

Ralph Hinterkeuser
Martin Parr
Wolfgang Zurborn

November 29th - December 14th 2008
Opening: November 29th 2008, 11 a.m.

Galerie d’Exposition Pablo Picasso
Rue Roger Salengro
Denain, France
phone 03 27 43 33

The photographic series by Ralph Hinterkeuser, Martin Parr and Wolfgang Zurborn are part of the project La Mission Photographique Transmanche (1987-2005), organised by Centre Régionale de la Photographie, Nord Pas-de-Calais (CRP). They are reflecting the different influences on this region in the North of France forced by the new construction of Europe.

The construction of the tunnel under the channel is the symbol of European construction and its territorial development. This development favours communications networks and high-speed exchanges. Those in power decided on just-in-time distribution for the communications logistics. Speed and just-in-time, to the point of saturation, have become the very attributes of the powers-that-be.                               Pierre Devin, former director of the CRP.




















Wolfgang Zurborn At the Centre of the Speed #22, 1996









Third Lianzhou International Photo Festival 2007

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, Lianzhou, 2007

Third Lianzhou International Photo Festival, China
Contemporary Chinese and international Photography

In the program of the festival:
Wolfgang Zurborn Drift

Dezember 8th - 22nd 200

Article in the magazine The Bund, Shaghai about my photography.


The atmosphere of the Third Lianzhou International Photo Festival was really fantastic, meeting so many Chinese and International photographers in very interesting exhibition places. I could see a lot of good presentations of contemporary photography in a wide range of artistic approaches from documentary to staged photography. This was one of the most positive aspects of the festival for me, that it gave such an complex view on the possibilities of this medium without any narrow ideology.
The slideshow shouöd give you an impression of this great event.

Slideshow with images of the festival





























untitled, Lianzhou 2007





20 Years Galerie Lichtblick


from the picture story 20 Years Lichtblick


In spring 1986 Tina Schelhorn, Stefan Worring, Norbert Görtz, Kristian Rüdiger, Ingrid Zeller und Detlef Hansen had the spontaneus idea to run a photo gallery. Half a year later Wolfgang Zurborn joined the team of Galerie Lichtblick.

Since the very beginning as a collective the gallery was growing during all the years to a center for contemporary photography by the intensive co-operation with Tina Schelhorn. In more then 150 exhibitions with German and International photographers we were showing a variety of present themes and new visual conceptions from all over the world.

One important aspect for the gallery is to build up an international network with artists, galleries, festivals and other institutions.

The slideshow on this website is not only giving a review on the program of the last twenty years, it is also a personal document of many meetings with artists and friends of the gallery.

slideshow 20 Years Gallery Lichtblick

from 20 Years Gallery Lichtblick


















Tina Schelhorn,
10 Years Lichtblick, 1996



images against war

An exhibition organised by Gallery Lichtblick
with statements of more than 600 artists from all over the world.

Curated by Tina Schelhorn.

Wolfgang Zurborn, untitled, 1996

The collection images against war was shown at several exhibition spaces all over Europe and in May it was presented at Fotofestival Lódz in Poland.
The show is now travelling to America, to Chicago in Illinois and to
Cincinnati in Ohio.


Further information about images against war on:










11th Dom Fotografie Summer Photoschool

Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

Fiona Rukschcio                      Lucia Benicka                          Ernestine Ruben

11TH YEAR of the Summer Photoschool has run from 5th till 16th July, 2006 in the city of Liptovsky Mikulas . SUMMER PHOTOSCHOOL is an educational project organized by the non-profit and private organization - House of Photography in Slovakia. Its primary mission is education through arts and photography.

Summer Photoschool 2006 offered 13 INTENSIVE PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES COVERING SEVERAL TOPICS AND GENRES by reknowned lecturers from 9 countries: Austria - Fiona Rukschcio; Bulgaria - Boris Missirkov & Georgi Bogdanov; Czech Republic - Jaroslav Barta, Víta Krejãí, Jirka Petera; Finland - Kari Holopainen; Great Britain - Ian Wiblin; Germany - Wofgang Zurborn; Hungary - Ágnes Eperjesi; Slovakia - Jozef Cesla, Martin Crep, Tomás AGAT Blonski; USA - Ernestine Ruben).


Workshop "Ordering and Chaos" by Wolfgang Zurborn

with the participants: Adèle Benesová, Peter Burda, Lucie Michnova, Martin Mocik, Petr Nagy, Silvia Sencekova, Peter Sugár

Workshop with Wolfgang Zurborn


The key to the quest for order in photography, involving the interplay of bodies, objects, signs and spaces transforming them to a legible structure, to a comprehensible composition, is not to lose sight of chaos. It is precisely this chaos that gives photography its unlimited liveliness. In this workshop we want to elaborate these kind of visual experiments for discovering personal aspects of our everyday life.


results of the workshop

















Petr Nagy




Peter Burda




Lucie Michnova