Wolfgang Zurborn





LUsionen #6, Ludwigshafen, 2003



Wolfgang Zurborn, LUsionen, 2003

The Art Society in Ludwigshafen gave me in 2003 the comission to take photographs in Ludwigshafen. This work was then included in the group show 5xLu showing five very different perspectives on this city. When I walked in the streets of Ludwigshafen, the city where I went to school more then 30 years ago, I looked for places, I had an inner image in my head, because I have been there very often.
Ludwigshafen is a city without a historical tradition, existing since the chemical industry started there. In my photography I avoid to confirm this image as a city only defined by the industry, because I am more interested to show places in the public area, where people try to create their own small world, where you can see their desires and sometimes their failing.


LUsionen #9, Ludwigshafen, 2003



Photographs from this series were published in Dislocation Magazine 15.
Escaping by P. Elaine Sharpe
Photographs by Anthony Hopewell (UK), Dinu Li (UK), Gina Glover (UK),
Wolfgang Zurborn (DE), Stephen Vaughan (UK), Toni Hafkenscheid (CA),
Christoph Burtscher (DE)

...In looking at Zurborn’s images I find myself in the role of flaneuse, intent on the desire to have no destination other than to become lost in the strata of a familiar and yet unknown urban landscape. The meanderings in and out of the parallel layers of information contained within the frame are what become significant, the edges taking me back into the centre only to depart again. The images are seductive, rich, layered, almost hallucinatory and blinding at the same time. They don’t follow the rules of what an image is supposed to be. They don’t make sense and they leave us with a certainty that we understand this lost-ness. Zurborn revels in this chaos; he celebrates it and despite our resistance, we embrace the anti-graphic nature of that which he wants us to see...



LUsionen #10, Ludwigshafen, 2003







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LUsionen #1,
Ludwigshafen, 2003