Wolfgang Zurborn


dressur real

1986 bis 2000


Untitled, Cologne 1992


In May 2001, the book dressur real with photographs from the past 14 years has been published by J. Strauss in Potsdam.

Wolfgang Zurborn dressur real
From the text by Klaus Honnef
Translated from the German by Jeanne Haunschild

...Wolfgang Zurborn with his workgroup “dressur real” puts this to the test and shows by photographic means that photography - no less than painting or digitalized images - represents, always and inevitably, a construction of the visibly Real in a twofold meaning of the word, irrespective of its indexical structure, i.e., the physical imprint of traces of what had once been. The make-up of his pictures is correspondingly complex, on the level of their appearance as well as their formal abstraction. Simultaneously on these levels, other levels of varying origin additionally cross-connect, which are of different intensity, space and time, nature and culture, human and material world, signifier and signified. In part they network here, in part the different event levels seem to come about on their own, thanks to perspective, cut and lighting...

Soft Cover, 30 x 24,5 cm,
80 pages, 73 colour photographs
Zeit Sprung 2001
J. Strauss Verlag Potsdam


Photographs of the series dressur real are included in the Exhibition:

On the Body and other Things - German Photography of the 20th Century
Exhibition curated by Klaus Honnef and Gabriele Honnef-Harling, 2003/2004

City Gallery Prague, Czech; Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin, Germany; The Museum Moscow House of Photography, Russia; Museum Bochum, Germany

City Gallery Prag, Von Körpern und anderen Dingen, Zurborn, Gursky, 2003

The exhibition is showing more then 300 representative images from
57 authors including photographic work from:
Dieter Appelt, Wolfgang Zurborn, Bernd und Hilla Becher, Candida Höfer,
Karl Bloßfeldt, August Sander, Anna and Bernhard Johannes Blume,
Wolfgang Tillmans,László Moholy-Nagy, Floris Neusüss, Heinz Hajek-Halke, Klaus Rinke

Contemporary German photography has gained worldwide respect over the past 10 years. Thanks to systematic education, many leading photographers have come from Germany and also form the basic foundation for this visual project. The exhibition maps out the development of German photography in the 20th century and introduces all key moments from the turn of the century through Neue Sachlichkeit to conceptual expressions.






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Editions "dressur real

Edition deluxe with hardcover
in an acrylic slip case including an original photo,
diasec, ed. 10

Edition with hardcover and an original photo 21,5 x 28 cm,
matted, ed. 50