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Photo Walls Neumarkt


Photo Walls Neumarkt, Stefan Worring, Wolfgang Zurborn


As one of the first photographic works in the public space in 1987 the "Fotowände Neumarkt" by Stefan Worring and Wolfgang Zurborn were installed in the subway station Neumarkt in Cologne.
Due to the renovation of the station 2004, which was necessary for raising the platforms, the original walls must be removed, but could be reconstructed as light boxes thanks to the conception of the architect Kay Trint.

This kind of presentation is forcing the impact of the photo collages in the space. Fragmentic views on the day-to-day life happening on the Neumarkt, a big place in the center of Cologne, architectural details, street scenes, bodies and faces, are combined to a picture enigma. Every partial picture has a sensual artery of sharply focussed and blurred zones, of colourful photographs with a lot of details and very grafically reduced photocopies. Their particular degrees of abstraction create a subtle balancing act between the free act of associative view and the undeniable reference to social reality.


Photo Walls Neumarkt, Stefan Worring, Wolfgang Zurborn






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